What's a door dress??? 

I'm glad you asked!

My unique design incorporates an internal weight at the "top" end of each banner. Simply toss the weighted end over the top of your door, and VOILA, you have dressed your door! As the Dress is created from two layers of fabric, it will seldom interfere with the closing of the door. Exceptions include doors with automatic closers at the top, or very tight weatherstripping. Door Dresses make excellent gifts as they are unique and can be personalized. I love creating custom orders to fit your needs. Hand beaded personalization (additional cost) is available with 4 weeks notice.  Click SHOP at the top! 

If it's fabric, we can do it! These are some examples of my work. What can I do for you? 


Apopka,  Florida, 32712
United States of America

Nihil Sin Deo

(Nothing without God)

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