At Christmas, when I was young, my Mother would cover our front door in colorful wrapping paper. I remember how that shiny paper transformed our drab door into something wonderful! Fast forward to 2013. I began to experiment with fabric to create a more permanent version of Mom's decorated door. Something easy to use that would last more than just one season. At first, the designs were for our family, to express our Christian faith or celebrate a specific holiday. I began to give them as gifts to family  members. Before long, friends were asking for them, and Door Dressing was born. With so many fabrics, printed panels, and even favorite T-shirts, the possibilities are truly endless!

I love to shop everywhere - especially the Bahamas! 

My dear friend decorated this beautiful tree, and hung her new Door Dress nearby. What an honor! Thank you Cathy!! 

Our American Team


What people are saying about Door Dresses...
“That is Exquisite!” DL, North Carolina
“Lovely. How much are you selling it for?” – SH, Utah
“Beautiful accent to any home, now I want all my doors done.” ST, Florida

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I also sew and can tell you know what you're doing in that department. The fabric is of a good quality, it has the glitter that I love to display in my home and the finishing on the piece is beautifully done! I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your beautiful creation and especially a note of encouragement as an artist, which is what you are -- a very gifted one at that! Thank you for creating quality pieces that please the eye and the heart! -MD, Orlando

Team Members
Mitzi Lee - Artist, Seamstress, and purchaser of fine fabrics.
Chuck - Business manager, voice of reason, and muscle.
S and K are why we do what we do. They are gifts from God, who bring us joy and inspiration every day.


Most days you will find me shopping, planning and creating the work you see here. Everything is purchased either locally or online from American sellers. Each piece is constructed here in my home in Apopka, Florida where I live with my family, one dog, 2 cats, and assorted other critters. 

My selling focus the past three years has been at outdoor craft fairs, and I love meeting you and sharing my craft.  With this new website, I can share even more of my creations with a larger audience!Hope you find what you are looking for; if not, message me! We can create something unique and wonderful for you or that gift for someone who has (almost) everything! 



Apopka,  Florida, 32712
United States of America

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